Fully automating the drone workflow

Delft Aerial Robotics (DAR)’s mission is to build a fully autonomous network of drones, able to deliver data and services without human interaction.  DAR understands that in order to utilize drone technology to its fullest extent, humans must be taken completely out of the loop.

To accelerate and not to reinvent the wheel, DAR partners with soft and hardware suppliers. If a technology is not available in the market, DAR invests in start-ups that solve particular challenges.. DAR is also a member of RoboValley, an initiative to coordinate robotics innovation between public, private, and academic entities. And has the TU Delft as one of it shareholders.



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Lucas van Oostrum


Lucas is a serial entrepreneur and drone evangelist.  His passion for robotics emerged at a young age, when he began taking apart computers and hacking his way into all kinds of systems.  He entered the drone industry in 2011 through the creation of Aerialtronics, a drone manufacturer and service provider. Lucas now uses his drone industry expertise and extensive network to expand DAR’s partnerships and accelerate the success of its companies.


Bart Remes


Bart is an aerospace engineer and globally recognized drone technology expert who believes that drones will soon become as common as cellphones.  He started the Micro Aerial Vehicle Lab at TU Delft ten years ago and still manages it today. He oversaw the development of the smallest camera drone in the world and the open source drone software and hardware Paparazzi. At DAR, Bart uses his technical expertise to ensure DAR’s companies are technologically sound, solve real problems, and contribute toward fully autonomous drones.